Springtime means sandals, naked toes, and a critical need for horny feet. However what to do inside the case of ingrown toenails? Our ft are in a sorry nation after hibernating in boots and woolen socks all wintry weather. We’ve suffered dry pores and skin, cracking heels, and definitely omitted toenails. At the very least, a rejuvenating pedicure is so as. However greater regularly we additionally need to address ingrown toenails, too.


First thing’s first: what is an ingrown toenail? In medical terminology, it is onychocryptosis, a condition wherein the rims of the toenail (generally of the massive toe), grow into the skin instead of over it.

The coolest news is, you may without difficulty learn how to save you ingrown toenails. Dr. Levine offers some smooth guidelines to prevent the pain.

1. Be careful with your cuticles!

Do no allow your pedicurist trim or cut your cuticles, nor have to you get all loopy and select at them. Permit your cuticles stay in peace.

2. Shoe shape

Pick footwear that don’t squish ft or point your big toe inward. Also keep in mind that shoes of non-breathable synthetic materials can increase the risk of your toe getting inflamed if an indignant toe gets too sweaty.

ingrown toe nails

3. Clip with caution

Clip toenails instantly across, being cautious now not to cut too low. Avoid rounding or creating v-shaped toenails. Vital: by no means tear your toenails.

4. Foot freedom

Foot mechanics can play a part! In line with dr. Levine, if you have flat feet, your large toe and forefoot are more likely to roll inward while you stroll, if you want to growth the pressure at the nails and growth the risk of an incurvated toenail. If this is the case, be sure to select footwear which are wide enough and avoid sporting pantyhose or tight-fitting socks.

In case you’re already inside the painful stage, dr. Levine indicates some domestic remedies for the way to deal with ingrown toenails.